How Do You Prepare for Reporter Interviews?

Going to meet a reporter for an interview can be equal parts nerve- wracking, exciting and terrifying. But believe it or not, there are ways to prepare in advance. And if you adopt a few guiding principles, you will be on your way to a successful experience. Read more in our latest whitepaper, Five Tips… Read More

What’s on Your Company’s Reporter Fact Sheet?

Wait. You don’t have one do you? You do? Well, when is the last time it was updated? In the 24/7 news world we live in today, and the requirement to get content on the web ASAP there are too many opportunities for reporters and journalists (web editor’s too) to get it wrong. Think your… Read More

Write to Engage or Lose the Content Game

As a former journalist, turned community and social media manager who ultimately built a social media team at an agency and became EVP of Media and Audience Engagement leading paid, owned and earned media efforts, the idea of writing or producing anything that doesn’t engage the intended audience in some way – is foreign to… Read More

What Does it Mean to be “Client-focused?”

As I’ve worked over the last few months to communicate the story behind why I created Change Agent Communications and help people understand why I refer to it as  “a new agency with a new attitude,” I’ve given thought to quite a few things we are doing differently and how and WHY we’ll stay committed… Read More