What’s on Your Company’s Reporter Fact Sheet?

Wait. You don’t have one do you?

You do? Well, when is the last time it was updated? In the 24/7 news world we live in today, and the requirement to get content on the web ASAP there are too many opportunities for reporters and journalists (web editor’s too) to get it wrong.

Think your boilerplate content in your press release is enough? Think again.

Why send reporters on a deep sea Google search dive to dig up information about your company when you can deliver it on a silver platter? By doing so, you are helping them along the reporting path, and ensuring that your company and brand is presented both properly and factually.

Consider the correct spelling of your company name. Seems simple enough right? No one could possibly get that wrong, you may be thinking.

So what exactly are the elements of a quick-hits fact sheet? Here are a few to get you started, or at least help with the revamping of your existing one.

  1. Correct spelling of the company’s full name. Is there a comma or not before Inc.? This is legally significant as you know and should be accurate. (Think, Inc., LLC, comma or no comma, etc.)
  2. Year founded
  3. Names and exact titles of executives/leaders or other pertinent people
  4. Primary business
  5. Mission and core values
  6. Short sentence describing the nature of company (in English, not marketing-speak, because it will get edited)
  7. Company value (if it’s relevant)
  8. Product or service names and descriptions (These sometimes get confusing.)
  9. Number of employees
  10. Locations

There are always more elements that can be incorporated into your fact sheet but this is enough to get started. I recommend keeping it simple, making it visually compelling and  committing to make updates a few times a year.

Written by: Angela Connor

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