We are a communications firm designed and destined to be different. We support disruptive marketers as they make bold moves in new directions.

Angela Connor Founder & CEO

Our Founder and CEO decided to focus specifically on change, because it is the new norm, and she has been at the forefront of change for most of her career. Nothing stays the same anymore and neither can you or the solutions you bring to the table.

At Change Agent Communications, we usher organizations through change, push when they need to be pushed and introduce new and contrarian ways of thinking.

Marketers are expected to stay on top of emerging trends and ‘be in the know’ in a world that is moving way too fast for them to do that on top of everything else on their plates.

That’s where we come in. We won’t help you stay in the same place. We will push you forward and keep you informed.

Our core value is “WALK THE WALK.” We won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do, or aren’t doing already. And our promise is this: Fearless listening and thoughtful execution.

If your agency partner is keeping you stagnant as the media landscape shifts, twists and turns – then Houston, you have a problem!

Our eye is constantly on the future.  We want to help you harness consumer habits to get the results you are seeking.

If we sound like a good fit, drop us a line and let’s talk it out.