We are a strategic communications firm designed and destined to be different. We support disruptive PR and marketing professionals as they make bold moves in new directions, and strive to connect with their target audiences in ways that drive desired actions. We’re selective and very high-touch, so we keep a short client list, by choice.

With Change Agent Communications, you’ll never find yourself at the bottom of the client pile. We believe in mutual respect and most importantly, trust-based relationships.

Angie-24Angela Connor, our Founder and CEO is a longtime journalist, author and agency veteran. She’s been at the forefront of change for most of her career and lives to question the status quo.  Angela built the agency on the premise of “change” because nothing stays the same anymore and neither can you or the solutions you bring to the table.

At Change Agent Communications, we usher organizations through change, push when they need to be pushed and introduce new and contrarian ways of thinking.

Our promise as your partner is this: Fearless listening and thoughtful execution.

If you’re in need of a new partner or looking for a change, we’d love to chat to see if we might be a match.

Our current clients are in the technology, professional services, commercial real estate and higher education industries, though our experience spans far beyond.

Interested? Reach out directly to Angela. She will reply, because remember, we’re very high touch. (Angela-at-changeagentcommunications-dot-com)